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Putin’s war on Ukraine is “going according to plan”

Putin's war on Ukraine is "going according to plan"

Everything is going “according to plan,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday about the war in Ukraine.

Putin's war on Ukraine is "going according to plan"
Photo by G20 Argentina

On Thursday, delegations from the two countries met for the second time since the start of the war in Belarus for talks and reached an agreement to establish safe escape zones for civilians.

Speaking to reporters at the start of a meeting of the Russian Security Council, he said once again that the Russian army is fighting the neo-Nazis for the security of Russia and its people. He added also that he would never give up his belief that both countries are the same nation.

The Russian President has stated multiple times that the so-called military operations won’t stop until they reach their main goals, one of which is the total demilitarization of Ukraine.

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