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Russia shows for the first time in Turkey the Su-57s


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Russia will participate in the International Arms Exhibition “IDEF 2021”, which will be hosted in Constantinople from 17 to 20 August, with the latest products of its defense industry.

The Russian arms export company, Rosoboronexport, said in a press statement that it will display the latest products of the Russian defense industry that have not been shown in Turkey before, during the “EDIF 2021” exhibition, including the 5th-generation Su-57 fighter jet and new Russian self-propelled 155 mm Msta-S howitzer will be presented there

Among the exhibits of Russia at IDEF 2021 are miniature models of the Su-35 fighter, the Ka-52 helicopter, and the T-90S tank.

In total, the Russian army information post includes information on more than 400 types of Russian products that can have military use, military, and peaceful dual-use, or peaceful use, including products of the “Almaz-Anti” air defense complex, which offers its most famous products, such as the “S-400” missile system, the anti-aircraft system, “Viking” and “Buk-M2A” system.

Among the Russian institutions that will present their products at the exhibition “IDEF 2021” is the company “Kalashnikov”, which will display its most prominent products of light firearms.

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