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Russian “betrayal”: Rumours over support to occupied Cyprus


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In the last few days, we have seen a series of diplomatic moves and statements with press reports from various media outlets stating that Russia is preparing to open a consulate in the occupied territories of Cyprus.

Greek media have even stated that the Russians are preparing to recognize the occupied territories as a sovereign state.

The Russian embassy in Nicosia rejected these rumours, but in the last three months, we have heard Russian diplomats doubting whether Ersin Tatar is President or not, making miserable statements that equate the perpetrator and the victim and attempts to block the EastMed pipeline.

We have also seen Cyprus in an official video of the British Ministry of Defense being presented as bisected and the Russian MFA, Sergey Lavrov, referring to non-existent states.

Many coincidences have been gathered related to allies of Cyprus, and other states and that makes these rumours sound reasonable even if Russia rejected them.

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