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Russian Buyan-class corvette armed with Kalibr missiles crossed Bosphorus


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The Russian Navy press service reported to journalists, that the Russian corvette “Ingushetia” armed with cruise missiles “Kalibr” entered the Bosphorus strait returning from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Russian press service stated to journalists according to “Sputnik”:

“The small missile ship Ingushetia of the Black Sea Fleet is returning from the Mediterranean after completing its tasks as part of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the far east sea region. At the moment, the ship has passed the Marmara Sea and it has confirmed the “crossing of the Bosphorus.

It was also explained that in the remote sea area, the ship has been “conducting special missions since July 2021, and at the beginning of October,” it was replaced by the Vishny Volochuk Buyan-class ship.

According to the press service, after entering the Black Sea, Ingushetia will participate in the final examination of the forces of the Black Sea Fleet during the summer training period.


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