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"Greece & others dig our hole" Turkish statement for Forum "PHILIA"


“Greece & others dig our hole” Turkish statement for Forum “PHILIA”

The Turks were worried by the “FILIA” forum and accuse Greece of digging a hole for them. See what the Turkish Foreign Minister said

“It is not possible for any forum, which does not include Turkey, the key country in the region, and the Turkish Cypriots, to be an effective and successful mechanism of cooperation and friendship regarding the challenges in the region.” The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in an official statement regarding the “Friendship” Forum.

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The baseless accusations and slanders against Turkey made by the Greek Foreign Minister during a press conference held at the end of this forum, which is supposed to “not dig anyone’s hole”, prove that this initiative is in fact a “An attempt to form an alliance built on hostility towards Turkey, rather than ‘friendship’ as it is called.” continues the Turkish ministry.

“Those who have destabilized Libya by embracing coup plotters for the sake of their maximalist demands and their limited agenda, who are trying to create a terrorist corridor that could potentially separate Syria and Iraq, and who have remained silent for years of the territories of Azerbaijan must not go beyond their limits and criticize Turkey’s humanitarian and just policies in the region.

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This attitude towards Turkey is hostile, especially at a time when efforts for sincere and inclusive cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean are being made through Turkey’s proposal for an international conference. It also undermines the EU’s efforts within the Union for the Mediterranean.

The efforts of the Greek / Greek Cypriot duo to prevent the EU from creating a positive agenda with the candidate country of Turkey and to pursue its policy based on others, threaten peace and stability in our region. We call on this duo to act with common sense and we call on the other countries participating in this forum not to fall victim to the conspiracies of others. ” the announcement concludes.


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