Russian warplanes fly over the Turks – Low altitude flights and airstrikes in Syria

According to local sources, Russian air force aircraft on Thursday flew at low altitudes over Turkish armed forces bases in Syria.

The Russian air force also carried out multiple bombardments in various regions of Idlib, which is controlled by Turkish forces.

Despite discussions between Turkey and Russia on defense systems and armaments programs, relations between the two states, at least on the Syrian issue, seem to be not as good as they seem. Russia, especially recently, has been increasingly aggressive towards Turkish forces in Syria.

We would like to remind you that the Russian air force in recent months has been carrying out more and more bombardments in areas controlled by the Turkish army, even at a very close distance from the Turkish border.

Moreover, information a few weeks ago indicated that it was Russia that stood in the way of the new operation that Erdogan proclaimed would start in northern Syria, and definitely, while preparations had already progressed, the Turkish attack was suddenly postponed indefinitely and no one has ever spoken about it again since.

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