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SAS Technology: Rocket tested by Greek SARISA SRS-1A

SAS Technology: Rocket tested by Greek SARISA SRS-1A - GEOPOLITIKI

The Greek private military sector is making a lot of progress and the first armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by the Greek company SAS Technology, the SARISA SRS-1A, is a big step in the right direction.

More specifically, the company’s press release states:

“With steady steps, SAS Technology (Spirit Aeronautical Systems S.A.) is proceeding with the certification of the UAS SARISA, armed with the powerful HYDRA 70 (2.75”) rocket, which until now has only been carried by fighter jets and helicopters of the size of the AH-64 Apache.

Upon completion of this process, the UAS SARISA, which takes its name from the ancient Macedonian spear, will have one more “edge” (beyond simple 2.75 rockets), the high-precision guided rocket FZ275 LGR, manufactured by THALES of Belgium.

The first phase of the program was carried out on 12-15-22 and included shots from the UAS SARISA SRS-1A, placed on a special skid base, manufactured by SAS Technology, which has also carried out all the related to the program studies. 

With this test, all parameters and firing loads were measured, confirming in principle the theoretical studies of SAS Technology regarding the structural and aerodynamic potential of the specific UAS as well as the safety of the electronic firing system.

“This first phase will be followed by corresponding flight tests and will culminate in the testing of the targeting system,” the press release concludes.

Press release translated by GEOPOLITIKI from Greek to English (may contain errors)

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