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Saudi-led Arab Coalition target Houthis in Sanaa


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On Wednesday, the Saudi-led Arab coalition in Yemen announced the destruction of “military factories that manufacture kamikaze drones” with airstrikes on two camps close to Sanaa.

“We destroyed two missile and kamikaze drone manufacturing facilities in (the 1st armored division) as well as two drone manufacturing facilities in (camp Dabwa”),” Saudi media quoted the coalition forces as saying.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition said the targeting of Houthi positions in Yemen was “in response to the threat of kamikaze drones” after it announced the interception of two drones on Tuesday evening launched by the Houthi on Saudi territory.

SANAA photo
Sanaa,in 2008 Photo by Matt May Saudi-led Arab Coalition target Houthis in Sanaa

The coalition has repeatedly accused the Houthis of using civilian installations in military actions and has targeted Sanaa airport several times in recent weeks as the Houthis have stepped up their attacks on Saudi territory with drones and ballistic missiles, including the capital Riyadh.

On a number of occasions recently, the coalition has accused the Houthis of using civilian infrastructure in military activities, and the coalition has targeted Sanaa International Airport numerous times.

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