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“Rogue State”: Turkish politician attacks Greece again


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The Turkish politician and leader of the “Gray Wolves”, Devlet Bahceli, launched again provocative accusations and threats against Greece

The Turkish Politician and leader of the Turkish MHP party accused Greece of trying to harm Turkey by “violating” as he claimed the Lausanne Treaty and international law in the Aegean sea. He also claimed that the Greek state supports the PKK and the Gulen movement while characterizing Greece as a rogue state.

bahceli photo
Turkish Politician MHP President Devlet Bahceli, Ankara, 17 August 2016 | Photo by oscepa "Rogue State": Turkish politician attacks Greece again

Bahceli, however, did not stop at the accusations and continued threatening that if Greece demonstrates its power in the Aegean then Turkey will attack and win.

Greek army modernization programs also seem to be a big problem for the Turkish politician, as he referred to them as a challenge along with the alleged violations of Lausanne and international law and stated that Greece (the rogue state as he reffered) should not rely on Rafales and the new Belharra frigates.

RAFALE photo
Rafale Fighter Jet | Photo by Airwolfhound "Rogue State": Turkish politician attacks Greece again

“The arms race of Greece, the violation of Lausanne and international law in the Aegean, the violation of our maritime jurisdictions are offensive actions. By supporting the PKK, FETO, the servant state (Greece) must stop testing our patience.

Greece should not rely too much on fighter jets and warships delivered by France. We will not let anyone show us his power. “The Aegean will be a sea of ​​peace and calmness, otherwise Turkey knows how to achieve a new victory,” Devlet Bahceli stated against Greece.

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