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Shocking: Half of Turks can only meet basic life needs


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MetroPOLL Research Company shared details from their survey in Turkey.

Accordingly, 17.2 percent of respondents said that with their current income, they can easily meet all their needs, and 53.6 percent said they can only meet their basic needs such as nutrition and housing 26.6 percent said they could not meet their basic needs.

When the same question was asked in April last year, 24.2 percent said, “I can’t meet my basic needs.” 26 percent of respondents said they could easily meet all their needs, while 48.6 percent said they could only meet basic needs such as nutrition/housing.

The study also included the distribution of answers by the party voted in the parliamentary election on 24 June 2018. “I can’t meet my basic needs”:

AK Party: 24.4 , CHP 24.8, HDP 42.0, MHP 15.9, GOOD Party 26.4, Saadet Party 40.0.

The research was carried out with a total of 1752 people between 16-21 April 2021 with layered sampling and weighting method in 28 provinces based on 26 regions according to NUTS 2 system throughout Turkey.

It was emphasized that the research was carried out by CATI (Computer-aided telephone survey) with a margin of error of +/- 2.34 within the limits of 0.95 trusts.

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