Significant Cyprus-Egypt agreement on electricity interconnection signed


Following faithfully the plan of the Greek national diplomacy, Cyprus followed Greece and also signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Cyprus and Egypt for the interconnection of the electricity networks of the two countries.

The agreement was signed today in Nicosia by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Mrs Natasa Peleidou and the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Egypt Dr Mohamed Shaker El – Markabi.

In a joint statement according to the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus “the two Ministers state that the electrical connection is an important component of the ongoing strong relations between Cyprus and Egypt, but also the strategic cooperation a major step forward in the synergies required to facilitate the integration of additional Renewable Energy Sources into each country’s electricity and primary energy mix.

Welcoming the Egyptian delegation to Cyprus, led by Minister Shaker El-Markabi, Ms Pileidou stressed that the Memorandum, in addition to reaffirming the strong ties between the citizens of the two countries, marks an important milestone in the joint efforts of Cyprus and Egypt to promote regional energy cooperation.

“Building on the work done by our Governments in recent years, especially during the tripartite meetings of our leaders, the memorandum further strengthens the design, development and implementation of the Cyprus-Egypt electricity interconnection as an additional element in shaping emerging energy Eastern Mediterranean corridor.

Significant Cyprus-Egypt agreement on electricity interconnection signed

For Cyprus “, the Minister added,” the electricity interconnection with Egypt, has the potential to be the cornerstone of our efforts for transition to a green economy and further penetration of RES in the energy mix, while both for us and for “Egypt strengthens its ability to meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.”

It is noted that the electrical interconnection of Cyprus and Egypt is part of the electricity interconnection project of Cyprus, Greece, Egypt. A relevant Memorandum at a tripartite level will be signed next week during the tripartite meeting of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt, at the level of Heads of State and Government “concludes the announcement of the Cyprus Ministry for this very important move.


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