Specific Members of the Arab League are targeting Turkey | TURKISH FM


“We categorically reject the unfounded decisions taken against our country at the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League on March 3, 2021.”

This was stated by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement, referring to specific members of the Association who are targeting Turkey.

The same statement reads, “The members of the Arab League are, in fact, well aware that the insistence of some countries of the Arab League to continue their stereotypical accusations against our country in order to cover up their own destructive activities has nothing to do with the friend and brother of the Arab people.

It is also observed that some members of the Arab League oppose or comment on such decisions, which are adopted as a result of enforcement by various circles and without a transparent negotiation process between the Member States.

Turkey, with its resolute stance, is one of the countries making the greatest efforts to establish security, stability and peace in its region and in the world. The protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Arab countries and the consolidation of their political unity is one of our most important priorities for the region.

“We call on the Arab League once again to give priority to peace, prosperity and well-being of the Arab people and to contribute constructively to consolidating security and stability in the region, rather than targeting our country with false allegations.”

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