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"GREECE THREATENS PEACE" Turkish MoD anxious for Greece's armament program


“GREECE THREATENS PEACE” Turkish MoD anxious for Greece’s armament program

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, in his statements, referred to Cyprus, characterizing the solution of the two states as the only way out for the negotiations.

In fact, he “revealed” that Greece wants to cause instability in the peace of the region and in fact, war with Turkey.

“Despite our positive attitude, provocative actions and provocative rhetoric, irresponsible statements and threatening language continue from our neighboring country Greece.

These actions threaten peace and stability. We keep telling them that they must avoid these actions and statements that threaten peace and security.

Their aim is to negatively affect the EU and world public opinion. We emphasize that harassment and their aggressive rhetoric are not appropriate in a good neighborhood.

The provocations and the efforts with the armament programs cause great damage to the Greek people and unjustly spend the resources of the Greek people”.

concluded the statement of Hulusi Akar


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