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Taiwanese armed forces exercised for a possible Chinese attack


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During Taiwan’s annual military drills on Tuesday, the entire island launched a simulated Chinese attack and virtually fought to defend itself against the approaching landing forces.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen praised the “capability” of her military as she watched the drills from the deck of a Kidd-class destroyer.

Dressed in military uniform, Tsai boarded the destroyer on the second day of the island’s biggest annual military exercises to oversee a high-intensity live-fire exercise off Taiwan’s east coast.

Taiwanese armed forces exercised for a possible Chinese attack

Tsai sent a message from the ship to citizens that was broadcast using Taiwan’s official name, the Republic of China.

In the message, he said that “the successful exercise carried out by everyone shows the capabilities and determination of the People’s Republic of China military to defend the country.”

According to Taiwan’s Armed Forces, various types of missiles were fired from fighter planes and warships in an attempt to intercept “a group of enemy ships” approaching in order to land forces.

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