Teng Yun 2: Taiwan’s UAV flew non stop for more than 10 hours

Last weekend, Taiwan-made Teng Yun 2 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) achieved a major milestone in its development.

It flew non-stop for more than ten hours and completed a patrol of the entire Taiwan Air Defense Recognition Zone (ADIZ).

The Teng Yun 2, also known as the “Cloud Rider” of the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology, after a series of tests that the UAV flew for five to seven hours in the air last month, recorded its longest flight to date last weekend.

Teng Yun 2 can perform both surveillance and strike missions day and night and has also electronic warfare capabilities.

Teng Yun 2: Taiwan's UAV flew non stop for more than 10 hours
PHOTO By Kenchen945 – 於2019台北國防展拍攝, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia

Strike missions are carried out by AGM-114 Hellfire missiles that it can carry and other Taiwanese anti-ship missiles, according to media reports.

Developed by the ChungShan National Institute of Science and Technology, it looks a lot like an MQ-1 Predator of US. Taiwan is also expected to receive US MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles.

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