TENSION BETWEEN INDIA & CHINA: China concentrates forces along the border


According to Indian media quoting military sources, China is dramatically enhancing its positions on the Indian border, including the construction of airports and roadways, as well as the concentration of Chinese missiles along the border.

Indian sources say that a major roadway is being built, which will link more Chinese military facilities along the border.

In recent years, the Indians have become more aware of China’s considerable efforts to conceal the infrastructure of its air force and army from satellite surveillance. Nonetheless, the Chinese have deployed an undefined number of Chinese missiles near the border between Tibet and India, putting a large portion of India within striking distance of Chinese military assets.

According to an Indian military report published recently, the Indian side is also much better prepared than it was last year, having deployed several army forces following violent clashes with Chinese border guards using sticks and stones that resulted in a large number of deaths and injuries on both sides of the border.

A substantial percentage of India’s tanks have been diverted from Pakistan to the Chinese border as a result of the recent developments.

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