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Genocides recognized: Australia to acknowledge the genocides of Armenians, Greeks & Assyrians


On Monday, the Australian Parliament unanimously discussed in favor of a proposal calling on the Australian government to recognize the genocides of the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek people. This is according to the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC-AU).

The proposal was presented by MP Trent Zimmerman, and it was supported by members of the government, including John Alexander MP and Julian Leeser MP, as well as members of the opposition, including Josh Burns, Steve Georganas MP, and Joel Fitzgibbon, who supported the proposal.

As Haig Kayserian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Commission of Australia (ANC-AU), put it: “The House of Representatives spoke. The largest and most representative legislature of the Australian parliament unanimously called on the Australian government to recognize the Genocides of Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks”.

According to Kayserian, “This unanimous decision rejects Turkish interference in Australian foreign policy and calls on our country’s prime minister and his government to stand by the representatives elected by their voters and characterize the genocide as genocide”.

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