The Cypriot National Guard is battle-ready – Armored units training


Shots were fired by Armored Units in Cyprus, as part of training.

The following is the announcement of the General Staff of the National Guard of Cyprus:

As part of the training of the personnel of the Armored Units, a two-day shooting took place on 26 and 27 Jan 2021 at the Sia Shooting Range.

During the two days, shots were fired, day and night, with guns and machine guns from Armored Combat Vehicles and Personnel Transport as well as with the individual and group armament of the crews manned.

This activity is part of the 2nd Training Cycle of the National Guard, which emphasizes the group training of permanent executives, contract soldiers, and service soldiers, under conditions similar to those of the Battlefield.

The two-day shooting was attended by the Commander of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Democritus Zervakis, noting the high level of readiness and morale of the staff.

During the two days, the necessary measures were taken to comply with the provisions of the decrees of the Ministry of Health concerning COVID-19, including examination of rapid antigen test (rapid antigen test) of the participating personnel, by Nurses of the National Directorate of Health.

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