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The equipment contracts that will be undertaken by the Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS)


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The Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos released a lot of information in response to a related question about the contracts that will be undertaken by the Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS).

More Specifically, the Greek Minister stated:

“In response to the relevant Question, tabled by the Member of Parliament, Mr. Vasilios Kegeroglou, on the subject of “EAS Contracts”, I am informing you of the following:
First of all, regarding the development of the current contracts with the EAS, we inform you indicatively that, with regard to contract 001A/06 (Supply of MINIMI machine guns), on June 9, 2022, 150,000 cartridges of 5.56 thousands in metal bands and 160 machine guns were received, while the binoculars have been delivered in their entirety.

Also, with regard to contract 002A/14 (Supply of 40mm grenades), the quantities delivered to date are 32,224 40mm battle grenades without self-destruct fuze tube, 27,648 40mm combat grenades with self-destruct fuze tube, 21,024 40mm practice grenades and 1,024 free, while ongoing events force, due to the damage to the CISART anodizing assembly, which contribute to the existing timing deviations.

In both contracts, the relevant penalty clauses due to delays in the contractual obligations will be calculated after the completion of the deliveries, while at the same time the formation of negotiation committees is underway, under the care of GDAEE, with the aim of amending the extended contracts.

Similarly, for the contract 034B/08 (Destruction of = mines), the EAS proposed the modification of the contract, in order to expand the scope of the method of destruction, due to the discount of the contracting company.

Subsequently, in June 2022, a new contractor was selected and the draft of the relevant contract with the new subcontractor is at the Audit Court for pre-contractual review.

For contract 006A/09, 35,070 cartridge operations and all of the exercise cartridges have been delivered to date, while according to the EAS, all of the cartridge operations will have been delivered by the end of this year.

Regarding the programs, for which the conclusion is imminent contract with EAS, these are analyzed as follows:

• Portable armament support, total cost €514,510.

• Supply of 7.62mm cartridges (50,772,350 pcs. of various types in different branches), total cost €14,463,876.• Upgrade of 122mm rockets (26,640 pcs.), total cost €87,912,000.

• Conversion of 500 0.50″ mechanical firing guns to quick-change barrels, total cost €2,132,500.• Supply of 1000 MINIMI 5.56x45mm light machine guns, total cost €10,917,950.• G3 rifle upgrade – 40mm grenade launcher – red dot sight and Laser pointer, with a total cost of €22,367,184.4.

• Supply of ammunition in the framework of the activation of the “Supply of Used Amphibious Military Vehicles” program, with a total cost of €12,097,857.

• Supply of 30,360 120mm ammunition for LEO2 tanks, with a total cost of €147,879,000. Supply of up to 13,000 76/62 Ammunition Cartridges for Adrani Gymnasiums, with a total cost of €11,040,000. state of affairs, with a total cost of €530,000.

Furthermore, apart from the programs whose assignment to the EAS has already been launched, the inclusion of a provision in new programs that are planned to be activated, so that there is participation of the domestic defense industry, in the light of the conditions of techno-economic feasibility and the current national and European legislation, is being considered.

Finally, the company’s revenues for the year 2021 amount to €6,050,655.44, while revenues for the current year, based on the updated production schedule, are estimated to amount to €13,294,649.00.

For the rest, the Ministry of Finance is competent to answer you” concludes the response of the Greek Ministry of Defense.

An important reference is the supply of ammunition in the context of the supply of used amphibious armored vehicles by Greece, where it is most likely related to the supply of AAV-7s from the US Marine Corps.

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