The “Il-76” aircraft turns into a new base for Molniya military drones


A Russian company that manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles has begun work on a project to create a drone system called “Molniya” (Thunderbolt).

Speaking to “Sputnik”, General Director of Kronstadt Corporation, said that the “Molnya” system will include military attack drones, reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft.

The Molnya planes are supposed to take off from a large transport plane. The general manager of the company indicated that the “Il-76” could serve as a base for the “Molniya” drones. The new Russian fifth-generation single-engine fighter, whose model appeared at the “MAX 2021” exhibition, can also be used as a base for “Molniya” aircraft.

The company “Kronstadt” has submitted a prototype of the aircraft “Molniya ” to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The general manager of the company said that what will be created will differ from what was presented because the plane that will see the light must have the specifications that will be determined by the Ministry of Defense.

And whether the “Molniya ” uavs are able to return to the plane from which it took off, the general manager of the company replied that it is possible that the reconnaissance planes and electronic warfare planes will return to the base plane. As for the attack aircraft, their return is fraught with risks, and therefore the possibility of their return may be excluded.

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