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The United Nations calls for an end to the “military buildup” operations in Libya


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The United Nations mission renewed its call on the Libyan parties to refrain from any mobilization operations so as not to undermine the ceasefire.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya called on all parties to refrain from any escalation that might undermine the implementation of the ceasefire agreement signed on 23 October 2020.

In a statement on Wednesday, the mission urged all parties to respect the lines of contact as they were when the ceasefire agreement was signed.

It expressed its support for the efforts of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee aimed at maintaining calm and stability, calling on all Libyan parties to support these efforts in order to create a peaceful and conducive environment for holding national elections on December 24.
It called on all relevant national and international actors to ensure, respect and support the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions.

This comes in the midst of a malicious attack launched by the Brotherhood’s militias on the “5 + 5” committee, revealing attempts described as “malicious” to thwart any step that would stabilize Libya.

Al-Sadiq Al-Ghariani, the mufti of terrorism in Libya who was dismissed from the House of Representatives, and the man who recruited his channel and made it a mouthpiece to defend Turkish interests in Libya, urged the armed groups in the western region to reject the letters of the Joint Military Committee.

Al-Ghariani said, in statements broadcast by his channel, on its official page on the “Facebook” website, that if it were not for Turkey and its assistance to the armed militias, the progress of the Libyan army to purify the country would not have stopped.

He called on them to defend the Turkish presence in the country due to the support they provided to the militias and the former Government of National Accord, attacking the Presidential Council and the government for their silence on the release of these statements, which demanded the integration of the armed groups.

While the Libyan Joint Military Committee (5 +5) seeks to prepare the “thorny path”, trying to lay common grounds for resolving the Libyan crisis, which is essentially security, the Brotherhood and its allied militias seek to obstruct all avenues of a peaceful solution, putting weapons as the only option to prolong the crisis. And scattering all the ways that would inject the blood of the Libyans.

No sooner had the ink dried in the statement of the Joint Military Committee, on Saturday evening, than the Brotherhood’s mouthpieces denouncing the statement, accusing the “5 + 5” of unrealistically, that it exceeded its stipulated terms of reference, but their accusations and their rejection of the steps that would solve the crisis, It made them confront the Libyan people, who blessed the committee’s statement, and demanded its speedy implementation on the ground.

The statement of the Libyan Joint Military Committee, which was described as “decisive”, called on the Presidential Council and the Libyan government to freeze any military agreements or memoranda of understanding with any country, according to what was stated in the Geneva Ceasefire Agreement and called for the immediate removal of mercenaries and foreign forces, calling on the Libyan Dialogue Forum to quickly adopt the constitutional basis for the upcoming December 24 elections.

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