The US is focusing on Asia as China is threatening Taiwan


Beijing’s growing military pressure on Taiwan is concerning the United States a lot as more than 150 Chinese Air Force fighter jets approached and repeatedly violated the Taiwan Air Defense Recognition Zone.

The State Department described the escalation as a highly destabilizing move that threatens to escalate into a terrible “miscalculation” for Beijing.

On the other hand, the Minister of Defense of the Democratic Republic of Taiwan stressed that China within four years will have completed all its preparations to try to carry out a “full-scale” invasion.

The United States has yet not clarified whether it will defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion of the island. However, has warned China several times that it considers Taiwan an ally and there is a fairly high probability of a clash in the South China Sea in the event of an invasion.

In any case, the partial withdrawal of US forces from the Middle East shows that the US has as its main goal to strengthen its position against the growing threat to US interests of the “Chinese dragon” that is rapidly emerging in Asia.

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