TURKEY: “If US does not give us F-16, we are considering Su-35s & Su-57s”


A few days ago we wrote the article “NEW TURKISH BLAME GAME | Erdogan’s F-16 modernization might lead to SU-35s” and it seems that our opinion is now confirmed as, in an interview with Turkish Channel 7, the head of the Turkish defence industry, Ismail Demir stressed that Turkey “will not be left without alternative “if there are obstacles to the completion of the purchase of F-16s from the US, the possibility of buying Su-35 and Su-57 can be examined at any time”.

The statement comes as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement on Sunday that Turkey was in talks to acquire F-16 fighter jets at the initiative of the United States in exchange for the money spent by Turkey on the F-35 program of which was expelled after the purchase of S-400s from Russia.

We remind you that on October 8, we informed our readers about the possible blame game of Erdogan with the USA and that it is very likely that Erdogan is currently seeking an American denial for the modernization of the Turkish F-16 fleet, in order to proceed with the purchase of Russian aircraft such as the Su-35S & Su-57 that Russia seems to have already offered to Turkey.

TURKEY: "If US does not give us F-16, we are considering Su-35s & Su-57s"
Photo by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (Евгений Половодов)

In any case, this statement by Ismail Demir is expected to blow up relations with the United States, especially in the case that these are not statements of internal consumption but proceed to the purchase of Russian fighters.

In this case, Turkey will face not only sanctions but also a possible retaliation for its geopolitical shift towards Russia by the US.

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