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Turkish analyst: US and Greece aim to liberate Cyprus & encircle Turkey


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The founder of the aggressive Turkish doctrine against Greece, “Blue Homeland” Cem Gurdeniz made incredible statements on Twitter about Greece’s agreements with France & the USA

Specifically, he states:

“Not the United States, even if the whole world came against us, Turkey would have the right to resist and defend (its territory). Greece cannot be so reckless.

On the morning of October 3, 2021, the Japanese government ushered in a new era by allowing a US Marine Corps F-35B aircraft to land and take off from the aircraft carrier Izumo.

Not only was an American plane landed on the Japanese ship, but for the first time in 79 years, a fixed-wing aircraft operation was carried out by a Japanese ship. The psychological impact it has is significant. In the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, the United States is pursuing the same strategy against Turkey as against China.

Greece and Cyprus instead of Australia and Japan. France instead of England in AUKUS. Let us replace (as Turkey) Taiwan with Northern Cyprus

With this strategy, they aim to encircle Turkey, to intimidate Turkey by creating agreements despite NATO, and to remove it from the “Blue Homeland” and Cyprus. The treaty on Defense Cooperation with Greece, signed in the United States on October 15, 2021, is the final link in this process. ” said Cem Gurdeniz.

The latest statements of the Turks are increasingly focused on Cyprus, as Turkey finds its political position in the island difficult & in the next years holding a military force on the island may be a deadly choice for Turkey due to recent new Greek armaments.

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