“Turkey Is Backing the Azerbaijani Attacks” – Armenia / Artsakh


“According to intelligence provided by our military,” “Turkey’s special forces are believed to be involved in these Azerbaijani attacks. In addition to troops from the Azerbaijani Army, Syrian mercenaries, and terrorists, Turkish special forces are believed to be involved in the fight against Armenia and Artsakh, “said the Armenian prime minister.

More specifically he claimed that “As far as we know, around 150 high-ranking Turkish military officers are supervising military activities from within Azerbaijani Army command posts,”

During a broadcast address delivered on Saturday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also said “It has been one week since the Armenian people in Artsakh began resisting an Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorist offensive, the size, and scale of which are unprecedented.”

Furthermore, Pashinyan said that no other conflict in the twenty-first century had seen the deployment of so many troops and so much military equipment.

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