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TURKEY REMAINS OUT OF F35: US Pentagon Urges Turkey to "Leave the S400"


TURKEY REMAINS OUT OF F35: US Pentagon Urges Turkey to “Abandon the S400”

Pentagon spokesman John Kerby said Turkey had had many opportunities to acquire Patriot systems from the United States in recent years, but “brought money and influence to Russia” by preferring the S400 systems.

US Department of Defense spokesman John Kerby urged Turkey not to “hold the S-400 any longer”.

Stressing that the decision to withdraw Turkey from the F-35 program is still valid, he said: “Turkey has had the opportunity to buy Patriots from the United States several times in the last 10 years, but chose the S400, a move that gives money and influence in Russia ”.

Russia delivered S400 systems to Turkey under the agreement which included an option for additional systems supply, which was valued at $ 2.5 billion.

It is recalled that Turkey is under US sanctions due to the supply of this system by Turkey.


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