Dynamic Manta 21 kicks off with Greek, US, Turkish, French, Belgian & Spanish patricipation


The NATO Dynamic Manta exercise (DYMA21) started on Monday, February 22, 2021 off the coast of Sicily.

Ships, submarines, as well as aircraft and personnel from eight allied nations are trained in the Central Mediterranean in anti-submarine operations (ASW) and surface warfare training.

“The strength of NATO military forces lies in our command, control and communication structures, which can be better exercised during exercises such as the Dynamic Manta 2021.

The development and maintenance of well-trained, ready-made forces that integrate seamlessly is the foundation of our collective deterrence and defense.

This exercise will also further demonstrate that COVID-19 has not changed NATO resilience and readiness.

“I appreciate the excellent support of the Italian Navy and the strength of the participating nations to help achieve this goal in a collective way,” said Rear Admiral Keith Bloud, Commander of NATO’s Allied Naval Command.

Submarines from Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United States under NATO Submarine Command will be joined by surface ships from France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

This year, Charles de Gaulle’s French Battle Team will also participate in the training along with five surface units from France, Belgium, Greece and the United States.

Dynamic Manta aims to provide all participants with comprehensive and demanding combat training to enhance their interoperability and anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare capabilities, with due regard for crew safety.

Each surface vessel will have the opportunity to conduct a variety of anti-submarine warfare operations.

The submarines will hunt and be chased, closely coordinating their efforts with the participants in the air and on the surface.

“Dynamic Manta is one of the two most important anti-submarine warfare exercises led every year by the NATO Naval Command.

SNMG2, as a NATO Permanent Force, usually participates in such exercises, focusing not only on training and maintaining the Force’s high readiness, but also on strengthening cohesion and interoperability between contributing countries, showing the presence of NATO and reassuring the Allies of a maritime commitment to collective defense “

said Lt. Admiral Manuel Aguirre Aldergia, Commander of SNMG2.


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