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Turkey renewed NAVTEX in Greek territorial waters – Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey renewed NAVTEX for the “Oruc Reis” research vessel on Tuesday night, which recently resumed operations in Greek territorial waters.

With this move, Ankara reaffirms its determination to continue underwater exploration for hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The new NAVTEX was issued by the Antalya hydrographic station and expires on October 27.

The intention of the Turkish leadership to renew this NAVTEX was published by the Turkish pro-government newspaper “Yeni Safak”, emphasizing that Oruc Reis will remain in the area near the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

“Yeni Safak”, citing the Turkish government, wrote that researches have been carried out in an area of 4,000 square kilometers and Turkey’s goal is to reach 15,000 square kilometers.

In another Navtex issued by the Izmir station, the demilitarization of the island of Psara is requested.

On the occasion of the new illegal Navtex issued by the Antalya station for Oruc Reis in an area within the Greek continental shelf, between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo, an anti-Navtex was issued by the station of the Greek Navy hydrographic service in Heraklion.

The Greek Navtex emphasizes that the Turkish Navtex concerns “an unauthorized activity” and is “illegal” because the area that extends “covers the Greek continental shelf”.

In the Greek Navtex, it is also underlined that the station of the hydrographic service of the Navy in Heraklion has the jurisdiction for the issuance of messages in the specific sea area.


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