Turkey strikes SDF forces that participate in intense battles with ISIS


According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announcement, Turkey continues to pose a threat to the regions where Syrians and Kurds are living.

At a time that SDF forces are trying to fight a resurgence of ISIS in Syria, it’s noted in the announcement that Turkish drones have killed six young people in Kobane up to this point, and after that Turkey expanded its attacks on the areas of Ain Issa, Zarkan, and Tal Tamr, “directly targeting civilians”.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announcement states:

“Our forces have shown remarkable resistance in defending our people and territories against any occupation onslaught and have heroically resisted them. ISIS mercenaries launched a huge attack on Al-Sina’a Prison at a time when our soldiers are battling the occupation’s lines of contact. It is the world’s largest prison, harboring isis terrorists and mercenaries that threaten not only our region but the entire world.

At least 200 suicide terrorists took part in the attack, with some coming from the Sri Kanih/ras al-ain and Tell Abyad neighborhoods, as well as Iraq, and used the “Guerin” neighborhood as a base.

Turkey strikes SDF forces that participate in intense battles with ISIS
PHOTO: Kurdishstruggle Flickr CC BY 2.0

After six months of planning, they assaulted the prison with car bombs on January 20, at 7.30 p.m. In conjunction with the foreign invasion, mercenaries imprisoned in the jail attacked its staff, including medical crews, food workers, and guards, and attempted to escape.

There is still no clear word on what happened to these workers. Most of the mercenary escape attempts failed, with only a few able to. However, our forces have gained complete control of the prison’s perimeter.

An intense battle erupted in the eastern areas of Guerin and Al-Zahra, as well as in Panorama Square, with the sleeping cells that began the attack from outside, and the majority of the attacking mercenaries were killed.

Some of the mercenaries’ concealed tunnels for mobility were also controlled, and our forces confiscated a large number of heavy weapons, including DShK weapons.

All mercenary escape attempts have been thwarted, and our soldiers are striving to establish their rule inside the prison as well.

Turkey strikes SDF forces that participate in intense battles with ISIS
PHOTO: Kurdishstruggle Flickr CC BY 2.0

We suspect that two to three mercenary cells are still stationed in the Guerin neighborhood, so our men are still combing the area.

Over the last three days, more than 160 mercenaries and around 15 arrested mercenaries who attempted to escape from prison and clashed with our forces have been killed, totaling more than 175 mercenaries. We lost 27 of our fighters over the course of three days.

Now that the situation is under our control, our forces have launched a large-scale clearance operation involving 10,000 of our fighters and internal security forces.” concludes the statement of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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