Armenian President Armen Sarkissian resigns, claiming that he had no influence on the country’s foreign policy.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian resigned after a statement he published which said:

“The president was powerless to control the political developments that led to today’s nationwide catastrophe”.

More specifically, the statement of Armenian President Armen Sarkissian says:

“As a result of huge geopolitical shifts in the early 1990s, our people were offered the best opportunity to establish their own sovereign state. but to construct a country that, decades later, will restore Armenians’ security, progress, and prosperity.

I highlight that the fundamental significance of the existence of an independent state is the ability to take and bear responsibility when we recognize that we are the only one united body, the architect of our own achievements, and the sinners of our own misfortunes.

Excited by such a historical prospect, like many of my people, I changed my involvement in one or more phases for a number of reasons, but I never lost faith in our final national achievement.

Accepting this significant decision stemmed from the suggestion that the new presidential institute would have tools and opportunities to influence foreign and economic policy, investment policy, relations with Spruce, as well as promote national interests in the international arena and develop a new academic and high-tech environment.

Sometime later, the 2018 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses was held. Events in April and May

The question may emerge, “Why?” Because of the responsibilities, I assumed as President of the Republic, the answer is self-evident. Through my long-term efforts to construct, I also hoped to contribute to a strong and stable administration.

Again, the question may arise: why? The president was powerless to control the political developments that led to today’s nationwide catastrophe. The Constitution is the only document that any government official supplies as a tool.

We have a paradoxical position in which the President must be a guarantor of statehood without any genuine tool. There are hurdles for notable experts in Spruce to participate in the administration of historical organizations, and such.

The meaning and purpose of my proposal were not to transition from one form of government to another (semi-presidential or presidential) from the council to the presidency; without it, it is difficult to talk about significant achievements because progress and success can be achieved only in a predictable and harmonious system.
I’m delighted that a constitutional amendment committee has been formed; I hope that eventually constitutional reforms will occur and that the next president and presidential institute will be able to function in a more fair and systematic atmosphere.

We live in a peculiar situation, one in which the President has no say over issues of war and peace.

Reality is when he is unable to veto bills that he believes are unfit for the state and its people.

Indeed, when the president’s prospects are considered a threat to the state rather than an advantage, they are viewed as such by diverse political factions.

A reality in which the President is unable to use his great ability to solve systemic internal and external political challenges.

A reality in which the world is in a constant state of flux, but the President lacks the constitutional authority to assist his country.

In fact, where the head of state and sometimes its family are targeted by numerous political organizations. That “care” for myself is likewise outside the bounds of morality and has a direct impact on health as a result.

After much deliberation, I have decided to step down as President of the Republic after nearly four years of active service.

That conclusion is not purely emotional; it is based on logic.

In this challenging time, the President lacks the necessary means to influence the radical processes of domestic and international affairs.

In this difficult time for our country, when national unity is required, the presidential institution should not be the object of gossip and conspiracy theories, diverting public attention away from the most pressing challenges.

Otherwise, we, the mirror of the entire globe, would fail to fulfill our job and will be relegated to the margins of history.

We no longer have the right to make mistakes.

Finally, I’d want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our residents and fellow countrymen in Spruce for their resilience, endurance, patience, and courage during these trying times for the country.

Special appreciation to the soldiers and officers of our gallant army, and heartfelt condolences to the families of the heroes who gave their lives for our nation.

I also want to thank everyone on the President’s staff and my colleagues in government agencies for their hard work, “the statement of the Armenian President concludes.

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