Turkey: “We didn’t give Bayraktar TB2 UAVs as military aid to Ukraine”

Ukraine bought the Bayraktar TB2 UAV’s from a private Turkish company and not from the Turkish state, the Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister explained.

More specifically, the Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister said:

Ουκρανία: «Έφτασαν νέα Bayraktar TB2» αναφέρει ο Ουκρανός ΥΠΑΜ | Τουρκία
Photo by Lazarenka Mikoli | Petro Poroshenko (Flickr)

“Bayraktar is a product of a private company. Ukraine sought to purchase this product from the company and an agreement was reached between the two parties and they provided this UAV. This is how it is done all over the world. Today, there are private military companies as in Russia and United States.

Such contracts can be signed from countries with these companies. They are not obliged to do anything in their countries. This is not Turkish military aid, but products bought by Ukraine from a Turkish company.

“Of course, we are proud of the Bayraktar TB2,” the deputy foreign minister was quoted as saying by the Turkish daily Sabah.

Ukraine: "New Bayraktar TB2 has arrived", reports the Ukrainian Minister of Defence
PHOTO By Bayhaluk – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Although the Turkish Deputy Minister’s claim is partly true and was indeed purchased through a private company, Turkey has full control of military exports and for this reason, has established the SSB. In addition, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy also today thanked Turkey and Erdogan for their good relations with Ukraine and Bayraktar.

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