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Turkish Air Force violate again the Greek Airspace


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A new provocative violation of the Greek airspace was carried out by the Turkish air force in the Aegean as a pair of Turkish F-16s flew over Greek Island Zurafa at 12,700 feet yesterday at 11:01 a.m.

The island of Zourafa or Ladoxera is located in the region of Evros, east of the Greek island of Samothrace and north of Imvros. Turkish violations, despite the immediate reaction of the Hellenic Air Force, are a very common phenomenon.

We remind you that last week, on the day of the Epiphany, the Turkish Air Force had engaged in 37 violations of the Greek Airspace, of which 35 were carried out by a CN 235 aircraft and two by an F-16.

zurafa photo
Turkish F-16 Photo by Neuwieser Turkish Air Force violate again the Greek Airspace

A day later, Turkey engaged in another 14 violations of Greek Airspace by 8 F-16 fighter jets as well as 5 violations of air traffic rules.

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