Turkish analyst claim that Greece will attack Turkey


Retired Turkish Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı made impressive allegations about the tensions between Turkey and Greece that suggest the climate that has been created opposite, after so many years of supposed certainty that Greece is an easy affair.

From the Great Idea to Olympiakos, the Turkish analyst panicked as he started his statement, saying that Greece has concluded multi-billion dollar defense agreements with the United States and France.

Cihat Yaycı claimed that Greece would attack Turkey at a weak moment and warned that “S-400 air defense systems must be activated immediately to protect Turkey.”

“It has become important to activate the S-400s without negotiating with anyone. By activating them, we must ensure the security of our state and our nation. The S-400 system is a defensive system, it is not an offensive weapon. This system is a defensive weapon. […] The weapons that Greece bought are offensive systems. Against whom? Against Italy? Against Albania? Against Northern Macedonia? Against Bulgaria? Against whom? Against Turkey. “ said Yayci.

Later, in a state of amok, he apparently stated that Greece had reactivated the plan of the “Great Idea” and that it was preparing to conquer Turkey and connected it with the greek football team of Olympiacos.

Specifically, he said:

“They want to build a great Greece. How is this going to happen; First, they want to connect all the islands with Greece. Has this already happened to a large extent since 1913? Was held. So what is the second? The connection of Western Anatolia with Greece.

Did they try this in 1919, until 1922? They tried but Ataturk eventually threw them into the sea. Were the armies lost? OK. But they took the islands and expanded their territory. The third is the connection of the island of Cyprus with Greece and they tried to do that from 1950 to 1974? But a month ago, the Cypriot Foreign Minister and the Greek Foreign Minister met and said: “Our goal is the Cypriot Hellenism.”

What does this mean; It means the Greekization of Cyprus. They give up; They do not give up. The occupation of Constantinople and the construction of a Vatican-type patriarchate is happening day by day. Then how is it possible to say that Greece has abandoned its “big ideas”? No, it can not be done. What did the president of the Olympiacos football team say? They declared Istanbul as their city. “Even the president of a football team has a ‘big idea’ in his mind.” concluded the retired Turkish Admiral.


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