Turkish army exercise simulates invasion of Evros river


Turkish troops belonging to units of Eastern Thrace, carried out a water crossing in “Kirkaleli”

According to a statement from the Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB), a large-scale exercise was held in the Kirklareli region between February 2-5, with the participation of Turkish Army and Turkish Navy troops.

During the exercise, Turkish tanks after bridging the river crossed into “enemy territory and neutralized the enemy,” Haber reported.

The Turkish General Staff said in a statement that the Turkish engineer ‘s capabilities, transit equipment and ability to carry out joint operations with Turkish naval units had been successfully tested.

The Turkish exercise simulated an invasion of Evros and dozens of APCs and LEOPARD 2A4 tanks maintained by the Turkish army were used.

The exercise and its successful outcome (according to the Turks) did not include the real situation of a battle in Evros where dozens of Turkish armoured brigades would be immediately get attacked by Greek artillery and the powerful armored force of greek fourth army troops equipped with the superior tanks LEOPARD 2A6

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