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Turkish army release videos of the ongoing operation in Iraq

BATTLE FOOTAGE: Turkish army release videos of the ongoing operation in Iraq - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Turkish General Staff announced the continuance of the operation against PKK Kurdish organization in North Iraq & published videos from the battles:

In the clash with the terrorists in the cave in the Avashin-Basyan region, one more PKK terrorist was neutralized by our Hero Commandos. The number of terrorists neutralized in the cave was 6.

Turkish airforce Air-raids are hitting hard PKK member’s locations in North Iraq with Turkish UAV & Turkish F-16 launching air-raids in the region.

The Turkish army announced:

“As a result of the coordinated work of our Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organization, 8 PKK terrorists detected in the Gara region in the north of Iraq were neutralized by the successful air operation of our Air Force.”

We remind that the Foreign Ministry Senior Undersecretary of Iraq, Mr. Nizar Al-Khairallah, called the chargé d’affaires of the Turkish embassy in Baghdad on Monday, May 3, to the Ministry, and handed him a note of protest in which the Iraqi government expressed its deep dissatisfaction and condemnation of the presence of Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar on Iraqi soil where he met with Turkish forces that are illegally there without prior approval from the competent authorities of Iraq.


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