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Turkish-backed fighters kill each other over other people’s homes – SYRIA

TOPSHOT - A Turkish-backed Syrian rebel fighters hold Turkish national flag (R) and Free Syrian Army flags (L) at a checkpoint in the Syrian town of Azaz on a road leading to Afrin, on February 1, 2018. Clashes raged between Turkish-backed forces and Kurdish militia in Syria's Afrin region on January 31, 2018, as wounded civilians fled intense Turkish air strikes. Turkey and allied Syrian rebels have pressed on with Operation Olive Branch in the Kurdish-controlled Afrin enclave despite mounting international concern and reports of rising civilian casualties. / AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

Two groups of Turkish-backed Islamist militants clashed Saturday in northwestern Syria at the Aleppo governorate.

According to local reports, clashes between the two organizations in the Afrin area resulted in heavy exchanges of fire in various neighborhoods.

According to the information, the clash between the two groups took place during the checking of some buildings in the Afrin area.

In addition, an Afrin resident told RT Arabic on Saturday: “The reason for these clashes between the Turkish-backed fighters is due to their disagreement over the division of property of the city’s residents.”

“Members of one group seized money from members of the other who returned from Libya and after that clashes broke out,” he added.

Syrian activists have confirmed that a total of 2 people were killed and about 12 were injured in the clashes in the city center.


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