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"TURKISH-LIBYAN MEMORANDUM IN FORCE" What the transitional Prime Minister of Libya said and what is valid


“TURKISH-LIBYAN MEMORANDUM IN FORCE” What the transitional Prime Minister of Libya said and what is valid

On Thursday, Libya’s transitional Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dabaiba confirmed that the maritime agreement with Turkey would remain in full force.

The transitional Prime Minister said that members of the Libyan parliament who promised to give confidence to the government “are ready to go to any city that the parliament chooses to hold a session to give confidence to the transitional government”.

During a press conference, the transitional Prime Minister said that the relationship with Turkey will be distinguished by a framework of strong co-operation.

He claimed that the maritime agreement with Turkey is important and will continue to be implemented, while other agreements will be studied and legally addressed.

Asked about the supporters of the former regime, he explained that the former regime can not be excluded from entering the Government of National Unity (NUG).

The prime minister noted that the representation of women in government will be less than expected, due to the lack of appointments.

He stressed the continued support for national reconciliation, noting that the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) had played a historic role in ending the conflict.

On the issue of illegal immigration, the transitional Prime Minister emphasized that Libya alone could not cope with the problem of immigration.

He also stressed that the government doesn’t want just to pay salaries, but wants real growth, and that is its priority. He added that once the government receives confidence, there will be a series of bold decisions that support the people and the economy.

The statement by the transitional Prime Minister about the maritime agreement seems legally out of place and out of date as an internationally recognized Libyan court of appeals annulled the agreement.

In particular, the Libyan parliament announced that the Al-Bayda Court of Appeal annulled the cooperation and border demarcation agreements between the government of the National Accord and Turkey, according to the Al Arabiya TV channel.

Also, Aguila Saleh, President of the House of Representatives has stated that there is no legal status for the Turkish-Libyan memorandum and it is completely invalid.

In fact, the Libyan House of Representatives has already annulled it.

In December 2019, Turkey signed two memoranda of understanding with the GNA interim unelected government on defense and gas extraction in the Mediterranean.

The maritime border agreement was rejected by various countries, such as Egypt, Greece, Cyprus and the UAE, and was described as an illegal act that violated the sovereignty of other Mediterranean states.

The Greek Foreign Minister welcomed the recent election of the transitional government by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), stressing that in order to achieve political unity and the effective protection of human rights, all foreign powers and mercenaries must leave the country.


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