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Polaris 21

Polaris 21 | Exercise in the Mediterranean under French leadership with Greek participation

Preparing for a high-intensity battle under the leadership of the French Navy is the French exercise "Polaris 21" held in southern Corsica with the participation of 6000 troops, 25 ships, 65 aircraft, and helicopters from France, USA, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Britain. "Polaris 21 is an exercise prepared and conducted by the French Navy, which…

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FREMM Alsace MVI   scaled e

The Greek-French agreement does not cover the EEZ yet: Is it really that bad?

According to a question asked by EUROACTIV to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France clarifies that the agreement with Greece does not cover the EEZ but only the territory. Specifically, the French Foreign Minister responded to EUROACTIV saying: "France and Greece signed a strategic partnership agreement in the field of security and defence on…

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"TURKISH LIBYANMEMORANDUMINFORCE"WhatthetransitionalPrimeMinisterofLibyasaidandwhatisvalid

“TURKISH-LIBYAN MEMORANDUM IN FORCE” What the transitional Prime Minister of Libya said and what is valid

On Thursday, Libya's transitional Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dabaiba confirmed that the maritime agreement with Turkey would remain in full force. The transitional Prime Minister said that members of the Libyan parliament who promised to give confidence to the government "are ready to go to any city that the parliament chooses to hold a session to…

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Gorogorszag valsag katonak

Greece is increasing military spending due to Turkish aggression

Greece increased its military spending by 57% to 5.5 billion euros, amid increased tension with its neighboring country Turkey, Al-Masdar reports. To strengthen the armed forces, Greece intends to complete the purchase of 18 French-made Rafale fighter jets and to acquire new frigates, helicopters, and drones. According to Al-Masdar, Greece also intends to modernize its…

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