Turkish MoD threatens Greece and Libyan National Army


The Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, referred to the armament programs of Greece during his visit to Libya.

Specifically he said:

“The state of the Greek economy is known. They have problems. But despite the problems and at the cost of reducing the food, clothing, salary of every Greek citizen, they started an equipment campaign, an equipment fashion. Buy as many aircraft as you want, as many submarines, as many ships as you want. They are not enough for you. They are not enough. “

“Our Greek neighbors are taking provocative actions, taking provocative steps, and increasing the tension in the region. And they cover what they are doing and hide our efforts for dialogue, for peaceful methods that are in line with international law” he added.

Regarding the situation in Libya and the recent statements of Khalifa Haftar, “Haftar and his supporters should know that in the event of any attack on Turkish positions, then all the units of the assassin Haftar will be our legitimate targets. They should put it in their mind. After such an attack, they will not find a place to stand.”

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