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Turkish politician threatens Greece “We will destroy Greek cities”


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The leader of the Turkish party of the Great Union, Mustafa Destici, attacked Greece in a speech at a meeting, saying that the Turks will destroy Greece.

“The United States opposes Turkey, the President of Turkey, its government, because Turkey is in Libya, in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Cyprus issue.

Today, the United States is dreaming of the Greek islands. They are setting up bases on the other side of Edirne & especially in Crete.

“They are preparing against Russia on the one hand, while on the other they are doing the same against Turkey and influencing Greece,” he stated.

“Greek politicians must come to their senses. During the years of the War of Independence, the West pushed Greece to Turkey, to Anatolia, and then they were thrown into the sea. This time we will not stop throwing them into the sea, we will destroy Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki, Athens, we will do it again as our ancestors did.

They have to get on well with Turkey. Turkey has always been a good neighbour until now, but now we see that Greece is trying to get Turkey out of Cyprus with the help of the United States and the EU.

They are trying to control the Eastern Mediterranean with the tiny state they have established there and they are trying to trap Turkey in the (Antalya) Gulf. ” said the Turkish politician.

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