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“Turkish special forces were involved in the Azerbaijani attack” the Armenian Prime Minister stated

turkish special forces were involved in the azerbaijani attack armenian prime minister stated

The Prime Minister of Armenia accused Turkish special forces units of participating in an Azerbaijani attack, two days ago, on Armenian positions in Nagorno Karabakh.

“Our sites near the villages of Khtsaberd and Hin Tagher were attacked by the Azerbaijani units. There is information indicating that factions of the Turkish special forces participated in the attack,” Nikol Pashinyan said during an emergency meeting to the National Security Council.

Pashinyan mentioned the attack took place in a region where the Russian peacekeepers had not yet deployed. He also reported that the six Armenian soldiers were wounded during the clash.

On the other side, Baku announced that the Azerbaijani State Security Service is engaged in an “anti-terror operation” in the Khojawand district of Nagorno Karabakh, against “Armenian armed formations” that are still operating around the town of Hadrut.

On Saturday, Azerbaijan and Armenia accused one another of launching an attack in the Hadrut area, resulting in three injured on the Armenian side and four dead on the Azerbaijani side.