Turks are enraged by a Forbes article about Greek F-35s


There is a lot of anger in Turkey as a result of an article in Forbes that talks about how Athens will achieve air superiority over Ankara with a squadron of Greek F-35s.

According to an article published in the American publication Forbes, the recent announcement by Greece that it will purchase F-35 fighter jets will cause a shift in the military balance of the region, giving the upper hand to Hellenic Air Force against Turkey.

Many Turkish news websites have republished the Forbes article and accuse the magazine of publishing “Greek propaganda.”

Turks are enraged by a Forbes article about Greek F-35s
U.S. Air Force photo by Capt. Kip Sumner

The article also makes reference to Turkey’s request to purchase additional F-16 fighter jets and to upgrade those that it already possesses. Additionally, the article mentions the possibility that Ankara will continue to rely solely on its F-16s until the end of the decade if the United States ultimately decides to reject Turkey’s request to purchase additional F-16 fighters.

However, Turkish columnists refute the claims made by Forbes and state that Greece is asking the United States for assistance because it is afraid of the “great progress” made by Turkey’s defense industries. Additionally, they state that Greece will start receiving the F-35s from 2028.

We would like to remind you that Greece has recently begun a new massive military modernization program in response to the recent provocations by Turkey.

This modernization program includes the acquirement of new RAFALE and F-16V fighter jets, as well as FDI HN frigates, and there are many other armament programs currently in development.

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