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U.S. Marines exercising combat in extreme cold-weather temperatures


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The U.S. Marine Corps exercised combat tactics in extreme cold weather climate during Exercise Reindeer II in Norway.

Reindeer II is a preparing exercise facilitated by the Norwegian military to build uphold abilities between NATO partners in outrageous climate conditions.

The exercise, started on November 23, 2020 and aims to improve the general status of the aggregate powers to battle and win in outrageous icy and uneven territory, harden connections, and synchronize strategies, methods and systems.

“One of the most important lessons we have learned is that we need a mutual understanding of what the different military terms mean, so that when an order is given, we can both act in the same way,” said Major General Lervik, chief of the Norwegian Army

“The level of integration allies have with the Norwegian Army today is very good, and I have never seen it this good before.”

“Norway has a benefit of arctic conditions and mountainous conditions that we can’t replicate at our home stations in America,” said Lt. Col. Ryan R. Gordinier, commander of Marine Rotational Force – Europe (MRF-E) 21.1, Marine Forces Europe and Africa.

“This exercise demonstrates the strength of NATO,” said Gordinier.

“Our responsibility is to make sure we do what we’ve promised to do: to protect our alliance. These interactions and these training events allow us to do that.”

-Brigader Pål E. Berglund, commander of Brigade North, Norwegian Army.

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