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IRAN STRIKES BACK – Lawmakers want to restart nuclear weapons program

iran missile

Iranian parliament passed a bill, named”The strategic measure for the removal of sanctions,” which pointed toward renewing the nation’s atomic research program in the wake of the assassination of Iranian atomic physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Tasnim news office wrote about Sunday.

The researcher, who was the top of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s nuclear development, died after a shooter’s assault on Friday in the town of Absard in the Tehran district.

The bill visualizes expanding the uranium improvement level to 20 percent or more — such uranium is viewed as a weapon-grade one.

Right now, Iran is enhancing uranium at in excess of 4 percent, while the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) covered the level at 3.67 percent immaculateness.

Also, the bill includes the reclamation of the Arak atomic reactor, which was set to be redesigned for the creation of radioisotopes so it doesn’t deliver weapon-level plutonium under the agreement with United Nations, and the development of another reactor.

Another arrangement of the bill obliges Tehran to desert willful consistency with the Additional Protocol to the protections concurrence with the International Atomic Energy Agency.


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