Ukraine: The Fierce Battle for the Kryvyy Rih’s Krynky Bridgehead on Dnieper

In the most recent events of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the situation in the Kryvyy Rih’s Krynky Bridgehead has seen a dramatic upsurge in violence. The Russian military, including their Air Force, has been escalating its operations on the eastern bank of the Dnieper River, in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine.

Ukraine: The Fierce Battle for the Kryvyy Rih's Krynky Bridgehead on Dnieper
By Defence intelligence of Ukraine (twitter)

Renewed Offensive To The Krynky Bridgehead:

The Krynky Bridgehead, a point of major military interest, has been the subject of relentless Russian attacks. The area, which was a major win for the Ukrainian side, is now the epicenter of a new wave of Russian military action. The use of a large force of military vehicles and troops by Russia is a testament to the area’s value.

Ukrainian Resistance:

Despite the major military imbalance, the Ukrainian forces have managed to hold their ground. The use of a series of defensive strategies, including the use of mines, drone attacks, and a barrage of rockets and artillery, has been instrumental in effectively repelling the Russian forces. The Krynky Bridgehead has been the stage of a battle that has raged for over four weeks, a story that contradicts the various media reports of the bridgehead’s destruction.

Ukraine: The Fierce Battle for the Kryvyy Rih's Krynky Bridgehead on Dnieper

Ukrainian Counteroffensive:

The year 2023 has seen a small step in the Ukrainian military’s fightback, gaining about 20 kilometers in some parts of the country. This development, although slower than the original military command’s plan in Kyiv.

Russian Military’s Manoeuvres:

Concurrently, the Russian forces have made some small land gains, particularly in the Avdiivka area, a major Ukrainian stronghold in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, and the city of Marinka. The field of action in Kryvyy Rih’s Krynky Bridgehead is a dynamic one, with the Ukrainian Marine Corps having been able to enhance their military fortifications by moving more troops across the Dnieper and extending their military reach to more islands in the river, which were previously under Russian control.


The Kryvyy Rih’s Krynky Bridgehead is a story of a small but major part of the war in Ukraine. The events in this part of the country are a stark example of the kind of fighting that has been the face of the war. The social media and the media have been filled with the news of the recent fighting, with the military of both countries having to bear the brunt of the new level of the war.

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