Ukrainian SCALP-EG Missiles Penetrate Russian Air Defense, Destroy Russian Landing Ship Novocherkassk (Ropucha-Class) – PHOTO/VIDEO


In a significant military strike in the early hours of December 26th, Ukrainian forces targeted a Russian naval landing ship in Crimea. The Ukrainian Air Force launched a precise and effective missile attack, likely using SCALP-EG cruise missiles, on the Russian Ropucha- class landing ship Novocherkassk, which was docked at the port of Feodosia in Crimea.

The Ukrainian Air Force executed the strike using multiple cruise missiles. These missiles, believed to be Scalp-EG (or STORM SHADOW) received from the United Kingdom and France, are capable of hitting targets in Crimea and beyond. It is notable that Crimea houses S-400, S-300, TORM1, and many other systems that failed to intercept the missiles.

The attack occurred around 3 AM local time, causing strong explosions in the port area. The magnitude of the explosions indicated that a significant ammunition storage on the Novocherkassk was likely detonated as a result of the missile strike. The attack not only caused damage to the vessel but also led to casualties and collateral damage in the surrounding area, including the injury of four individuals and the death of one person.

Images and videos confirm the strike and show the ship appears to be destroyed and sunk at the port. The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged the strike but reported that the landing ship only sustained damage, without providing further details. Ukraine has demonstrated that it possesses both the fighter capabilities and the necessary munitions to execute strategic strikes despite some media persisting in the supposed “complete destruction of the Ukrainian Air Defense.”

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