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Ukrainian Navy finally accepts coastal Defense Neptun system


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Τhe Ukrainian Navy accepted its first subsonic anti-ship cruise missile system the Neptune a coastal defense missile system with a reported maximum range between 280 and 300 kilometers.

The R-360 missile weighs 870 kg; the weight of its warhead is 150 kg; its launch range is up to 280 km and its speed is about 900 km/h. The system can simultaneously engage and launch up to 24 missiles.

Ukraine’s Neptun cruise missile can be located at a distance of up to 25 km from the coastline, and its deployment lasts up to 15 minutes.

Neptun is similar to the Kh-35 a Soviet turbojet subsonic cruise, however, Ukrainian constructors substantially improved missile range and electronics. The new missile has a longer body with more fuel, a larger booster, and some other modifications.

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