Uneasy Calm: Hezbollah Continues Targeting Northern Israel

Despite Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s avoidance of declaring war, the group’s forces continue to strike northern Israel daily. In a new attack on Monday morning, Hezbollah launched two mortars from Lebanese territory towards the Galilee region. According to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the mortars fell in an open area and there were no casualties.

This strike was part of a series of escalating tensions in Northern Israel. Over the past weeks, the IDF has reported numerous incidents of mortar fire and drone incursions, which Israel attributes to Hezbollah. These attacks have raised alarms in northern Israeli communities, prompting increased military vigilance and defensive measures.

Uneasy Calm: Hezbollah Continues Targeting Northern Israel
Photo by IDF

In response to the mortar attack, Israeli artillery units struck the launch site. The IDF has emphasized that it will respond decisively to any acts of aggression from Hezbollah, employing precision strikes to neutralize threats.

In another incident the previous night, IDF forces located and struck a Hezbollah armed group in the Birnit area in Lebanon. The targeted strike was a response to intelligence reports of an impending attack planned against Israel. A video posted yesterday by the Israeli Air Force shows an Israeli fighter jet bombing Hezbollah facilities, including a military compound, a weapons warehouse, and other military installations. However, it is unclear whether the video is from the same incident or a different one.

Additionally, yesterday, Hezbollah launched an anti-tank missile towards Israel. This attack also resulted in no casualties. Similar to the previous attack, the IDF artillery responded by targeting the source of the fire.

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