“Hamas used Hospital in Gaza to attack us” claims Israel

Hamas terrorists launched an RPG attack against Israeli forces from a hospital in Gaza city on Monday. According to an announcement of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the armed individuals were hidden among civilians at the entrance of the hospital and after firing the rockets entered the building to protect themselves from the IDF.

IDF’s Statement on the Incident:

“During an operation by the 188th TDF, an RPG rocket and an anti-tank missile were fired against IDF forces from the entrance of the “Al-Quds” hospital in Gaza city. The shooting was carried out by a terrorist squad that had assimilated into a group of civilians at the entrance to the hospital. The force managed to identify a group of terrorists with two RPG launchers among the civilians.

"Hamas used Hospital in Gaza to attack us" claims Israel
Photo by IDF

The force fired at the terrorists. During the exchange of fire, civilians were seen fleeing from the hospital building, and other terrorists who emerged from buildings in the area assimilated with those participating in the attack. After the RPG was fired by the terrorists, they went back to hiding in the hospital building.

The forces of the brigade combat team, which included armor, engineering, infantry forces and with the assistance of the air force, responded with live fire and shell fire towards the sources of the fire. In the incident, about 21 terrorists were killed, there were no casualties to our forces.

This incident is another example of the ongoing exploitation of sensitive locations, including hospitals, by Hamas to fire against IDF forces.”

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