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US Army to test Autonomous Vehicles in the new campus of Maryland

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US Army to test Autonomous Vehicles in the new campus of Maryland

“The one-of-its-kind research campus was established to advance Army knowledge of autonomy and intelligent systems through basic and applied research of unmanned technologies that integrate artificial intelligence, autonomy, robotics, and human teaming elements in complex environments,” Jeffrey Westrich, an ARL program manager said in a statement Thursday.

Self-moving vehicles and robots hold the potential to accomplish acts that could put troops’ lives at risk if done manually. 

ARL’s release, states that scientists “performed the first fully-autonomous tests onsite using an unmanned ground vehicle testbed platform, which serves as the standard baseline configuration for multiple programmatic efforts within the laboratory”

A video highlighting the work uncovered the examinations were planned unequivocally to catch sensor information about components like fallen branches, rocks, or rough landscape that can present genuine issues for such robots working in reality.

“We can utilize those results as a comparative metric for improving simulation, and informing research and development through an iterative improvement approach,” Westrich said.

“This location promises a substantial role in accelerating our understanding of robotics research, and pursuing significantly more complex experimentation in the future.” 

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